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About us

Multi-award-winning independent Jamaican restaurant. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the Jam Rock, or a jerk-chicken-novice; there’s something for everyone at Jamaya. Join us as we celebrate the authentic taste of home over proper jerk chicken and Jamaican fried chicken, Marley’s beats, and decor as vibrant as the colours on the Jamaican flag.


There’s always a reason to celebrate in Jamaica.

Whilst bringing the ledge, Bob Marley back to the UK is a no-can-do, we figured that the next best thing (maybe even better) would be a quirky, colourful corner of the Caribbean, right here in your home town.

Fried plantain, delicious festivals, the UK’s first gourmet Jamaican fried chicken – yep, we think we’ve pretty much brought the carnival to you in Birmingham, with real Jamaican grub.


After years of experiencing the Caribbean culture through family stories and delicious cooking, our founder, Byron set off to explore sunny Jamrock on his own… and you know how it is with Jamaica, the colours, music and outrageous carnival culture is somewhat contagious. So contagious that Byron brought it back with him, on his return to the UK.

So, with a love for Jamaica and his daughter (“Maya”)  Jamaya was born. And here we are now, spreading the party spirit with every adventurous foodie we meet.

Carnival Of Flavours

The Juice on Jerk: Jerk is a combination of culture, slow cooking and flavours that really pack-a-punch. The slow-smoke method is actually an age-old Caribbean practice, but by rubbing meats and vegetables with the right seasonings and slow-grilling them, jerked foods have a mouth-watering spicy-sweet flavour and a tender texture that is unmatched. 

Let’s Get Together

The thing with “our story” is that it is no way near complete. People make stories; and we at Jamaya have so many of you left to meet. As well as sharing jerk-tastic chicken and festivals that you’ll always want to sink your teeth into, we want to share (and make) memories, too. Just like Byron has with his girl, Maya.

The Jamaya Family 🙂